Play Every Day

Using play to enhance learning levels and family bonding in low resource communities.

The Need

Play is one of the most powerful ways to enhance the cognitive, physical and socio-emotional growth of a child. Supportive adults guiding a child can create rich, play experiences that form a base for future learning. Sadly, this potential goes untapped as many caregivers do not see the value of play. They believe they lack the knowledge, time and resources to play with their children.

The Intervention

With Play Every Day, we set out to equip caregivers with the knowledge, confidence and skills to support children in meaningful play. We engaged participating families with a series of ‘play workshops’ with the aim of
•    Shifting caregiver perceptions around play and learning
•    Inspiring caregivers with replicable guided-play activities that used everyday objects as play material
•    Empowering caregivers to guide children in learning through play
•    Contributing to global knowledge of best practices for promoting playful learning

As the intervention gained momentum, it rippled out to other members of the community in play  and community events. Children became agents of change with rallies and street theatre that dramatized the value of play in learning.

Let’s Play!

Rekha, a young mum from Jahangirpuri, Delhi shares, “My young son did not know numbers. At the Play Every Day workshop, I learnt how to make him sit beside me while I did chores around the house. I started giving him vegetables or laundry to play with and sort and kept counting along with him.  Soon he was able to count and add small numbers as well. I’ve seen the change and so I try to spend as much time as I can playing with him.”


9 low-resource communities in Delhi.


The intervention reached 2,000 families with children in the age group 3 – 6 years.


Caregivers participating in the program reported 

      • 24% increased confidence using recycled materials as play objects

      • 23% increase frequency of play

      • 14% increased understanding of the value of play in learning


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