WASH & Sanitation

By helping children learn and practice hygiene in the early years, we support them in building healthy behaviours for life.

Preventing the loss

India loses 400 children every day to diarrhoea and other preventable diseases*. This loss can be stopped with education and awareness. Young children who learn how to wash their hands, manage water hygienically and maintain cleanliness have a head-start on good health for the rest of their lives.

(World Health Statistics, 2011, WHO)


Our campaign to bring meaningful sanitation and hygiene education to kids is called WASH UP! Our character-filled storybooks, games, videos and teacher-training materials make healthy habits easy to understand, practice and adopt.

Meet Raya

Meet Raya

The energetic 6-year old named Raya is our ambassador for WASH. She models hygienic habits for children and shows them why these are important. In fun and game, children learn how to wash hands, use toilets hygienically, drink boiled water and keep their homes and neighborhoods clean.

Raya encourages children to share what they learn with friends and family, making good habits contagious.

Creating communities of change

As our work ripples out from children to include caregivers and neighborhoods, it measurably shifts attitudes and behaviors across communities. It sets in place a sustainable wave of change.

For example, children participating in WASH UP! are 48% more likely to use an improved latrine at home.

Sakshi and Akash

Watch how Sakshi and Akash, participants in Sesame Workshop India’s Wash-Up! Program in Rajagaon, Uttar Pradesh become Champions of Cleanliness in their village.

27% participants in Sesame Workshop India’s Raho Swachh Jiyo Mast program in Kolkata continue to wash their hands consistently after defecation a year after having been exposed to the messaging.

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