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They call it the Sesame Effect. It’s what happens when you combine innovation with the power of media and memorable muppets. It’s proven. It’s measurable. And our favorite way to talk about it is through stories like these.



7-year old Samarth lives in a large joint family in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He struggled with learning, was often angry and avoided school. To help children like Samarth, Sesame Workshop India used its early education resources to create an application in Samarth’s mother tongue, Marathi. Googly, Elmo and other colorful characters on Sesame’s ‘Play, Connect, Learn,’ application kept Samarth engaged as he discovered the connection between letters and words at his own pace.

Soon, Samarth was reading. His teachers saw a renewed interest in learning and found that Samarth was calmer and more attentive in class.

Sesame’s ‘Play, Connect, Learn’ program has been life-changing for Samarth. He is one of the millions of children who have benefited from Sesame Workshop India’s innovations in education. Imagine the difference it would make if these innovations could be taken to more children in need.

Students who were part of the 'Play.Connect.Learn' program have statistically significant greater reading skills gains over the life of project on 4 out of 6 indicators measure pre-reading and foundation skills.

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Sakina is a mother of three from a low-resource neighbourhood in Delhi. She and her 5-year old, Mehjabin, were among the 2,000 participants in Sesame Workshop India’s Play Every Day program which showed caregivers the important link between play and learning.

Before the program, Sakina believed play was a waste of time and that it kept her daughter from studying. Through the multi-country initiative, she discovered that playing with her daughter actually helped her child learn faster. She was pleasantly surprised to find that play did not require a lot of money and that she could upcycle household objects for play. Thanks to Sesame, she built a strong bond with her daughter, while having heaps of fun.

Participants in the Play Every Day program reported a 14% increase in the understanding of the importance of play in the children's development.

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