Learn To Read, Read To Learn

Our digital intervention in government schools in Bihar helped improve reading and comprehension.

The Need

Reading is a fundamental skill that unlocks human potential and is a cornerstone of development. Children who do not develop reading skills druing their early years show reduced educational progress through their lives. Numerous reports indicate that children in India are not reading at grade level.

The Intervention

The Learn to Read, Read to Learn (LRRL) project in Bihar, supported by the All Children Reading(ACR) Grand Challenge Grant 1 (USAID, Australian AID, World Vision), aimed to improve reading in primary grade children. We used technology to deliver innovative and engaging content in government schools in Bihar to accelerate reading skills, oral reading fluency and comprehension. We trained teachers on how to use the content and how to encourage children to read with these materials.

Learning the Fun way

Daisy Rani, a student in Grade 2, loves Galli Galli Sim Sim stories. Whether it is Googly Chala School or Googly Ne Khaana Khaaya, Daisy looks forward to reading the books before class starts.


375 primary schools across the districts of Vaishali, Patna, and Bhojpur in the state of Bihar.


The program reached approximately 30,000 children, of which 4000 children also received digital games.


Participating children in the digital intervention showed improvement in 3 out of 5 indicators. They showed significant improvement in initial sound identification,oral reading fluency and listening comprehension.


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