Hello Tomorrow

Merging mobile technology with radio to bring education to children of migrant workers.

The Need

Children of migrant workers in marginalized communities lack access to regular schools. Many attend schools sporadically, with inadequate resources, or drop out of schools altogether. The migrant community uses older technologies, making them hard to reach and, consequently, underserved.

The Intervention

The Hello Tomorrow project merged mobile technology with radio to bring educational content to children of migrant workers. Using a "missed-call" system, we reached users on their mobile phones with Galli Galli Sim Sim episodes that they could listen to free of cost. Users could also call in and share their views, experiences and feedback with the community listening in.


Supi and Chamba in Uttarakhand, Kanpur Dehaat and Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh, Mewat Orchha and Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, Solan in Himachal Pradesh, Mewat and Gurgaon in Haryana.


The intervention reached approximately 1.4 million people, including 200,000 children, many of whom had never heard any children's program.


3 times improvement in vocabulary and storytelling ability in children exposed to GGSS content materials

30% stories showed changes in quality of life in listeners

34% stories showed changes in children's learning levels


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