Gender Equity

Closing a Persistent Gap

All children have a right to care, nutrition and a quality education. Yet 1 in 3 parents in a recent study still believed that it was more important for a boy to go to an ‘English-medium’ school than a girl. What causes this disparity? Girls often face barriers to education due to cultural conventions. But just as culture can close minds and doors, it also has the power to open them.

Learning Changes Everything

Educating girls has the power to transform not only their lives, but their families and communities too. That’s why we model gender equity and opportunities for girls, challenging social norms and shifting attitudes about traditional gender roles and responsibilities.

Inspiring Girl Role Models

Our powerful girl characters are champions for change. 5-year old Chamki takes life head-on. She helps every little girl believe that she is worthy of love and care and has a right to dream big, set goals and work towards aspirations.

Here is one such story.



8-year old Anisha lives in a small village called Giridih in Jharkhand. Through Sesame Workshop India’s Sapna Bachat Udaan program, she learned how to save money for goals. It wasn’t long before she was showing others at school how to save water, paper, and other resources. Inspired by Chamki, Anisha is already a leader for her village.

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